My more desirable self writes more, and the version of that self that wishes to be a more desirable self writes more on this site. Not that either self has a lot to say, but there’s something about maintaining a running log on the web (a web-log) in the wide-open that I rather like. It’s not the type of thing that causes much anxiety because there isn’t a lot of pretense in it. I don’t have to worry about privacy filters, or friend-lists, or really anything. In a way, because just typing into WordPress has become so old-timey, the fact that these words can be seen by virtually anyone is actually rather comforting. Anyone can see this, and yet no one will, because, why are you here? To read about me? That seems like an odd thing to do.

Still, here am I playing around with templates and feeling too lazy to change the link color, though decidedly not writing. I’ve spent more time in the past hour trying to decide if the category should be “items of note” or “items-of-note”. The latter seems to play nicer with HTML, but the former is less fussy.

See what I’m doing? This is dumb.

Starting over.

Let’s see if I can use this space for something more creative.

For the past few years I’ve been working on something having to do with local television. It has been advancing poorly to say the least. Though in recent weeks some decent progress has been made. It’s almost all dialogue. Except for this section:

In the newsroom, Kate sat in a pod of royal-blue desks arranged strategically, if illogically. The workstations made up the backdrop for the actual on-camera news desk so it did not matter if humans could actually navigate. They just needed to look good. Kate and Glenn faced each other but were separated by large black monitors. The hours leading up to the live newscast were always the same. It started slow. Lots of small talk. Sometimes talk not so small, but rarely climbing to levels of actual importance. Eventually deadlines would get missed and stresses built. By the last thirty minutes there was always some yelling and running. Then the show. Always the show. Even when the material wasn’t there, the show went on. They’d fill the hour, and then fade out and hand the station back over to Master Control, who would put on a sit-com rerun, or something else that viewers would actually prefer to watch.
-untitled thing by Rick

So it’s kind of like that. But more talk-y. In the end, I’d like to put the whole thing up here. Of course, in order for that to happen, the project needs to get completed. My hope is that writing here, on subjects banal and uninteresting will kick-start the writing on those things may one-day turn into an actual thing. And isn’t that all we really want — to be able to point to an actual thing?