Put the finishing touches on Episode 2 of RPTTH.

Just put the finishing touches on Episode 2 of RPTTH.Should be a good one. Goes up a week from tomorrow (trying to stay ahead on the production schedule too keep this bad boy on time). Next week’s topic: Cable Television.

And the Oscar goes to… someone…?

As I write this the Oscars are (presumably) winding down. I did not see the show due to a lack of television signal (not to be confused with a lack of television). I have decided that I am not going to look up and see who won because who cares also, because I’m kind of […]

New Hard Drive. New Life.

I just replaced the 7-year-old stock hard drive on my iMac. It was at deaths door numerous times over the past year, but now it is gone and forgotten as the new drive is young and beautiful. It was a fairly simple process (thanks, iFIXIT) — just pry the bad-boy open, rip out the guts […]

It seems like this site could be put to better use

My more desirable self writes more, and the version of that self that wishes to be a more desirable self writes more on this site. Not that either self has a lot to say, but there’s something about maintaining a running log on the web (a web-log) in the wide-open that I rather like. It’s […]

What Is the Answer to That Stupid Math Problem on Facebook?

SLATE: What Is the Answer to That Stupid Math Problem on Facebook? – I could read about stuff like this all day. For the record, yesterday I was convinced the answer was 1, but today I’m leaning toward 9. 6 รท 2(1+2) = ? Related: The Math Problem in Good Will Hunting Is Easy

Eat Bray Love

Eat Bray Love: The corruption of Anthony Bourdain, the return of Emeril Lagasse, and the state of food television — I don’t read a lot of media criticism these days. Frankly, it’s just too exhausting. But this one caught my eye, and I couldn’t agree with the sentiment more. Especially as it relates to Top […]

About the Fiery Furnaces

You may be surprised to learn that I have not been particularly ‘with it’ over the past few years. This is because I’m an old man who does not like new things. In any case, while listening to the kind of old “EP” this morning by The Fiery Furnaces, I started thinking: what’s up with […]

Walk Like and Egyptian

The world needs a ‘Reverse Weird Al’. A Regular Al if you will. This person would take a very awesome song with dumb lyrics and would make a version with completely forgettable lyrics thus turning the original song from rockin’ but silly to just plain rockin’. The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian” would be a […]